For the rugby team of Argentina, the week hasn’t been a good one. It can also be said that so far the team hasn’t had a good season. This feeling escalated, after the third consecutive loss of Los Pumita in the U20 World Rugby Championship, which take place against the team (Georgia) they had never lost against in their history of the game.

As a result of the defeat, the team now has to beat Samoa to survive in the tournament and maintain their reputation in the top echelons, which is where they should have been on paper. Their recent inability to recover from a loss to France, which was very late in the second round, falling to Georgia when a win would even catapulted the team into the semi-finals.

In Montevideo, the team Argentina XV (the nation’s second XV) lost against the team Russian Bears and was playing Spain with their backs against the wall.

Moreover, in the beginning of this year, they faced similar kind of situations – Los Pumas lost narrowly to the Jaguars, with all sorts of bad luck and bad decisions going against them, whilst the narrow loss against England could well have been a win. It hasn’t been Argentina’s year.

So, taking the lesson from these games, the team somehow must learn how to close out games. It is about denying the opposition to ensure that they are not able to launch even the smallest of attacks! Rugby Union betting markets including International Rugby, Six Nations and Super Rugby are all available at William Hill Online, and it will be interesting to see to what extent these recent narrow defeats will impact on their odds in future matches – they could be a bargain if they get their act together against one of the big guns.

When the team plays at international level, strength of the mind remains absolutely crucial – it remains to be seen whether Los Pumas can recover that mental strength before the meet the Jaguars again at the tail-end of the season. We know they are physically up for the challenge but a positive mindset can make such a big difference, but with the losses on their minds as the games come to a close, it can be difficult to remain positive.

For Argentina, it is about not hitting the panic button, but if this has become an irreversible trend for Los Pumas then it is a matter of real concern for all fans.

Los Pumas In 7th

Argentina rugby union team Los Pumas were one of the best performers during the weekend as they reached the 7th position in the World Rugby Rankings.

The team of Argentina also known as Los Pumas defeated South Africa and made the team and the fan followers proud. Argentina achieved its victory over South Africa with 26-24.

It was a great moment for everyone, including the head coach of Argentina. The coach of Argentina, Daniel Hourcade expressed his satisfaction and excitement over the victory.

Whilst fans have for years been looking at how to bet on basketball, they can now trust in their rugby team to do the business when it ciunts – and dare to back them!

The team of Argentina looked better, but began to head towards the defeat when the Springboks were coming in their way in front at the end of the match. But, Los Pumas were composed and forced the penalty and it was nailed by Santiago Gonzalez Iglesias which led to the victory. There were many players that were injured in the 2nd half of the match. It was indeed a sad sight to watch.

However, the team showed its best performance during the opening half. The coach said that the team deserved to achieve victory despite several injuries that did upset them. Some of the best players like Nicolas Sanchez had to leave the field half way through due to injuries.

Santiago Gonzalez made an entry as the replacement for Sanchez and took over the role splendidly. The goal kickers Hernandez and Sanchez were sidelined as Iglesias was the star performer of Argentina as he slotted the late penalty from the distance of 40 meters.

It was the first win for Argentina in 12 home matches against the Springboks.

Argentina defeated South Africa in 2015 and won in Durban through the attempts made from Juan Imhoff. Argentina is all set to resume the campaign of Championship on 10th September with the greatest challenge against New Zealand. Los Pumas is striving to achieve victory through rigorous practice.

America looking for young Fans

It’s hugely popular in Europe, New Zealand and Australia, but rugby is still in a little blip in the United States. North America’s first professional rugby body Professional Rugby Organization’s Chief Executive Officer Doug Schoninger sees that as an advantage.

Their new league is all set to debut on 17th April, is targetting people by positioning itself as a hip, alternative sports option.

Schoninger said that they are new and disruptive and this is what differentiates them from most of the sports out there.

This is going to be really welcome to the younger millennial group, the 28 and under demographic, who have not attached themselves to traditional sports.

New things generally attracts young. It is the fastest developing team sport in America at youth level, although this is obviously from a low base – but that’s fine, as even Amazon started small once, too.

To promote the launch of Pro Rugby, the league is primarily sticking to social media, though is also promoting it’s tickets to youngsters on the website.

Since November, it has uploaded videos on their social channels which include highlights from team tryouts as well as interviews with players and coaches, including one that explains how the sport differs from American football.

The new league also introduced Facebook pages for their 5 teams based in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Obetz (Ohio) and Sacramento (California).

Schoninger told that the players did not come in for money, they came in for passion, and are all only semi-professional so all have normal jobs too because they still have to pay the bills!

Argentina Rugby gets Super Rugby team

Starting from the 2016 season and onwards, Argentina Rugby is set to get its first franchise in the Super Rugby competition which will also mean a tighter bond will be forged with some of the heavyweights of the sport in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sanzar, he organization that is responsible for running the Rugby Championship as well as the Super Rugby, has recently announced its plans to expand the competition from 15 to 17 teams from the 2016 season and this means not only will Argentina will gets its first ever franchise in the competition but also one more team for South Africa.

That team is most likely to be the Southern Kings, which was a part of the competition in 2013 but lost out narrowly to the Lions for a permanent place this season.
With Sanzar expanding into Argentina Rugby, it is just a testament to the strong ties the Pumas now have with some of the major organizations that run the biggest competitions in the world and this follows the admittance of the national side in the Tri Nations competition in 2012, which has since been renamed the Rugby Championship.

There have been several former Argentina Rugby players who were the driving force behind getting the national side into the Rugby Championship and some of those same faces were involved in getting the organization to sanction a new franchise for the country which has seen the popularity of the sport rise manifolds since the turn of the century.

Greg Peters, the chief of Sanzar stated that it was only logical and a natural extension of their participation in the Rugby Championship that Argentina get a franchise in Super Rugby and they are happy that everything expect the name of the franchise already formalized by this time and they can’t wait for 2016.

IRB Pacific Rugby Cup 2014

Pampas is the rugby team that represents Argentina. This rugby team was founded in the year 2010 and has ever since gained a lot of popularity among the thousands of rugby fans. The International Rugby Board (the main governing body of the game) has recently announced that Pampas is going to be a part of the Pacific Rugby Cup 2014.

The Pacific Rugby Cup 2014 is going to be hosted by Australia entirely for the very first time. IRB and Australian Rugby Union are together going to organize the tournament. The rugby matches for the tournament are going to take place in the following places: Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Canberra from the 21st of February to the 23rd of March, 2014. First match of the tournament will take place in Perth and the finals are going to take place in Sydney.

It is for the first time that Argentina Pampas will be associated with a tournament that will feature Super Rugby development squads such as the Western Force, New South Wales Waratahs, ACT Brumbies and the Queensland Reds. Along with that, development squads representing Japan, Tonga, Samoa and Fiji are also going to participate in the 2014 Pacific Rugby Cup. Fans have to wait and watch whether Pampas can compete efficiently against the best squads or not.

Mark Egan (head of competition and performance, IRB) said that this tournament is going to be invaluable for Argentina, Japan and Pacific Island Unions because the 2015 Rugby World Cup is around the corner. He even said that IRB is very grateful to the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) for their support and cooperation in hosting the 2014 Pacific Rugby Cup.

The reigning champions of the Pacific Rugby Cup are Fiji and ever since 2009 they have been defending their title successfully. So this year also they will give their level best.

A year worth forgetting

They have lost 10 out of their last 12 tests in international rugby, changed their head coach and their squad is ravaged by internal squabbles and divisions – all in all, 2013 has been a year to forget for the Argentina Rugby Team.

With just two years to go for the Rugby World Cup 2015, when the Argentina team and the others will arrive in England, hoping to set the world on fire in the biggest stage of international rugby, the Pumas will need to regroup as quickly as possible if they are to reach the knockout stages of the competition, let alone attempting to eclipse their previous best performance of finishing in third position as they did in France in 2007.

For a team that has turned a corner since 2000 and regularly got the better of the elite of European rugby and gave the super powers of the Southern Hemisphere plenty to think about, the Argentina Rugby Team has had the worst possible season this year as they have found themselves embroiled in several off field distractions to take into account their poor showing on the field.
The only two matches they managed to win this year were against the second rate Georgian team and against Italy in their final match of the season.

And according to a popular journalist from Argentina, the national team won their match against Italy just in time and gave the group some respite that the definitely needed. Jorge Busico further mentioned that it was necessary for the Argentina Rugby Team to win their final match of the team but added that this win will count for nothing if the team doesn’t realize that they will have to start from scratch once again when the new season begins and prepare themselves mentally according to those demands.

Argentina Rugby Boost

Argentina rugby experienced a major boost during Argentina’s first year in the Rugby Championship. But nonetheless, a victory during this year could boost the interest levels off the scale. Their debut in 2012 was rather impressive with two narrow losses to Australia and a draw with the Springboks. They participated in The Rugby Championship against New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. The Pumas played their first match against South Africa and lost 27-6. Argentina rugby team had a draw the next week in Mendoza to achieve a 16-16. This was their best result ever against Springbok.

The defended themselves against Australia as well however lost 19-23 followed by a 19-25. Though they were not victorious in any of their inaugural matches two of the matches of the same season were determined by lea than one converted try points making their debut mentionable.

While the scoreboards looked good last game, the progress at a test level was more than just clear the previous year. The Pumas future shall be determine by the professional structures put into place in Argentina.

However Argentina rugby team is set to open its second Rugby championship campaign in absence of Puma captain Juan martin Fernandez after he came down with a severe calf injury on the Saturday test against South Africa.

Leonardo Senatore will start at the Number 8 for Argentina’s regular skipper. He was Fernando Lobbe’s former teammate. Earlier this week they were majorly encouraged by the return from the injury of 52-cap second rower Patricio Albacete. Argentina’s main target at the moment is to win against South Africa and hence establish their first victory in the Southern Hemisphere Championships.

Their narrow miss of first victory in the 2012 season against South Africa (16-16) have them worked up and motivated. Although Argentina ranks 10th in the world rugby scenario, as compared to Australia and South Africa who rank 3rd and 2nd respectively.

Argentina Rugby Team

The Argentina rugby team is facing quite a crisis at the current moment. They have not won a single match in the Rugby Championship, and are yet to shine on the field.

But it would be unfair to say that they are not even trying, because they are, and after their losses, they have formed a new squad, a full strength squad, and hopes are riding high on this team. This year, the team will be faced with a new challenge, and that is to prove their mettle, and that they really have the expertise to win on the field.

And apart from forming a killer squad, the Argentina rugby team have taken another measure to ensure that they keep winning, and outshine all other teams, by employing Graham Henry. Now, Graham Henry is a World Cup winning coach, who coached the New Zealand team to victory, and is a force to be reckoned with. He will be there with the Argentina team on consultancy basis. Henry has been giving good and much productive advice to coach Santiago Phelan, and as long as the tournament is under way, he will be there with the team throughout.

Veteran player Felipe Contepomi was stated as saying that the Argentina rugby team has used each and every avenue to prepare themselves for the tournament, and that their preparation has been really well. The team is strong, and even though there are still loads to be done, the team can really reach for the stars if all goes according to plan. They will be facing off against South Africa in the first game. The match is going to be held on the 17th of August, and after that, they will be all set to take on England. And if they win, it will surely be a much awaited win for the Argentina rugby team.

Rubgy in Canada & England

Some of the English speaking nations have developed similarly in regards to the sports they like. One sport that is played both in Canada as well as the United Kingdom is rugby union. Rugby is essentially a style of football that was named for the Rugby school in the United Kingdom.

In Canada, the sport of rugby has been played since 1864. It was first played in the Canadian city of Montreal. While the sport is played in Canada, it is considered a minority team sport but it is a stronger participation sport. Certain areas of Canada are more known for rugby playing than others. This would include Newfoundland, Labrador and British Columbia. While many play the game, it is not at the level of other spectator sports are within the country.

In fact, the International Rugby Board classifies Canada as a tier two rugby nation. This means that it does not have a full time professional league in place. However, tier two status does acknowledge that the country has a promising future in rugby. Other tier two nations would include Romania, Samoa, Tonga, Japan and Fiji. Much of Canada’s problem with becoming a tier one nation with the sport is its geographic isolation as well as the enormity of its size. This makes it difficult for the various provinces to compete with each other. Also, the climate can be rather unforgiving with significantly amounts of snow and ice.

Rugby union is much more popular in the British Isles. Each country that makes up the Isles has organized the sport separately. Rugby Union is a leading sport both professionally and recreationally in England. The country won the 2003 Rugby World Cup and competes in various international competitions such as the Heineken Cup.

No matter where it is played, rugby has become a popular sport for betting. Many online casinos offer bets that can be placed on the game. Other casinos like also offer casino games that appeal to rugby fans. Take Rough Rugby for example, a rugby themed video slots games with the opportunity to win a jackpot prize as well as bonus spins along the way and can be found at various online casino sites.

Bath Rugby using Gold’s voice to scare birds

Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club Bath Rugby has found a new way to scare away the birds that have taken residence at the club’s famous Recreation Ground – they are using the voice of their head coach Gary Gold.

The grounds men of the club have stripped the surface of the Recreation Ground and have replanted seeds of grass for the pitch to be ready by the time pre-season kicks off but the birds seem to have their own plans regarding this and they have descended in numbers, eating the newly planted seeds.

And in order to help the grounds men complete the ground preparation in time, the South Africa Gold has recorded his voice with a warning message that they can play over the tannoy. Darren Ball, the head grounds man of the club stated that they had stripped of the old pitch and had immediately laid the new seeds. He then mentioned that the faster they put the seeds down, the more number of birds arrived. The Bath Rugby grounds man mentioned that they tried all the traditional ways of scaring the birds – scarecrows, flags and shouting but nothing seemed to work.

But now, they have found a way that has definitely helped them get rid of the birds, using the colorful half time team talk of Gold, the scariest man they have seen in full volume over the PA system. Ball mentioned that it has worked wonders and added that they will keep on using this as long as the birds stay hungry.

A spokeswoman for the club stated that anyone who has had a tryst with the head coach of Bath Rugby knows how intense the man actually is and when he wants something, the message is quite loud and clear for each and everyone to understand.