Bath Rugby using Gold’s voice to scare birds

Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club Bath Rugby has found a new way to scare away the birds that have taken residence at the club’s famous Recreation Ground – they are using the voice of their head coach Gary Gold.

The grounds men of the club have stripped the surface of the Recreation Ground and have replanted seeds of grass for the pitch to be ready by the time pre-season kicks off but the birds seem to have their own plans regarding this and they have descended in numbers, eating the newly planted seeds.

And in order to help the grounds men complete the ground preparation in time, the South Africa Gold has recorded his voice with a warning message that they can play over the tannoy. Darren Ball, the head grounds man of the club stated that they had stripped of the old pitch and had immediately laid the new seeds. He then mentioned that the faster they put the seeds down, the more number of birds arrived. The Bath Rugby grounds man mentioned that they tried all the traditional ways of scaring the birds – scarecrows, flags and shouting but nothing seemed to work.

But now, they have found a way that has definitely helped them get rid of the birds, using the colorful half time team talk of Gold, the scariest man they have seen in full volume over the PA system. Ball mentioned that it has worked wonders and added that they will keep on using this as long as the birds stay hungry.

A spokeswoman for the club stated that anyone who has had a tryst with the head coach of Bath Rugby knows how intense the man actually is and when he wants something, the message is quite loud and clear for each and everyone to understand.