Rubgy in Canada & England

Some of the English speaking nations have developed similarly in regards to the sports they like. One sport that is played both in Canada as well as the United Kingdom is rugby union. Rugby is essentially a style of football that was named for the Rugby school in the United Kingdom.

In Canada, the sport of rugby has been played since 1864. It was first played in the Canadian city of Montreal. While the sport is played in Canada, it is considered a minority team sport but it is a stronger participation sport. Certain areas of Canada are more known for rugby playing than others. This would include Newfoundland, Labrador and British Columbia. While many play the game, it is not at the level of other spectator sports are within the country.

In fact, the International Rugby Board classifies Canada as a tier two rugby nation. This means that it does not have a full time professional league in place. However, tier two status does acknowledge that the country has a promising future in rugby. Other tier two nations would include Romania, Samoa, Tonga, Japan and Fiji. Much of Canada’s problem with becoming a tier one nation with the sport is its geographic isolation as well as the enormity of its size. This makes it difficult for the various provinces to compete with each other. Also, the climate can be rather unforgiving with significantly amounts of snow and ice.

Rugby union is much more popular in the British Isles. Each country that makes up the Isles has organized the sport separately. Rugby Union is a leading sport both professionally and recreationally in England. The country won the 2003 Rugby World Cup and competes in various international competitions such as the Heineken Cup.

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