Argentina Rugby Boost

Argentina rugby experienced a major boost during Argentina’s first year in the Rugby Championship. But nonetheless, a victory during this year could boost the interest levels off the scale. Their debut in 2012 was rather impressive with two narrow losses to Australia and a draw with the Springboks. They participated in The Rugby Championship against New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. The Pumas played their first match against South Africa and lost 27-6. Argentina rugby team had a draw the next week in Mendoza to achieve a 16-16. This was their best result ever against Springbok.

The defended themselves against Australia as well however lost 19-23 followed by a 19-25. Though they were not victorious in any of their inaugural matches two of the matches of the same season were determined by lea than one converted try points making their debut mentionable.

While the scoreboards looked good last game, the progress at a test level was more than just clear the previous year. The Pumas future shall be determine by the professional structures put into place in Argentina.

However Argentina rugby team is set to open its second Rugby championship campaign in absence of Puma captain Juan martin Fernandez after he came down with a severe calf injury on the Saturday test against South Africa.

Leonardo Senatore will start at the Number 8 for Argentina’s regular skipper. He was Fernando Lobbe’s former teammate. Earlier this week they were majorly encouraged by the return from the injury of 52-cap second rower Patricio Albacete. Argentina’s main target at the moment is to win against South Africa and hence establish their first victory in the Southern Hemisphere Championships.

Their narrow miss of first victory in the 2012 season against South Africa (16-16) have them worked up and motivated. Although Argentina ranks 10th in the world rugby scenario, as compared to Australia and South Africa who rank 3rd and 2nd respectively.