Stuart Lancaster To Coach The English Rugby Team For Six More Years, Contract Renewed

Stuart Lancaster has renewed his contract for six more years as the coach of the English Rugby team. He will be able to see England through the rugby world cup of 2009 which will be held in Japan
His coaching team comprising of coaches Graham Rountree, Andy Farrell and Mike Catt he also each signed a deal that will be in effect till the end of the season of 2019-2020.
Lancaster had to fight for the post of permanent head coach of England Rugby Team in the March of 2012, but this contract shows that RFU has much faith in him.
Lancaster said that it was great to see that RFU has so much faith in him and the coaching group, and this faith has been a major contributing factor in whatever they have achieved till date.
He has said that their prime focus as of yet is on winning the QBE int’l in New Zealand. He also considers 2015 World cup that will be held in England to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and he intends to make the most of it. He also wants to retain the 2015 English rugby team that will be able to play in the 2019 championship in Japan.
He said that they believe that the English rugby is headed in the right direction. Their coaching and management teams have excellent expertise in their field which will help them immensely in competing in the challenges they have ahead.
Lancaster who was formerly a schoolteacher is trying to include rugby in England’s cultural set up and he is often greatly praised for letting the players realize international rugby’s heritage and significance.
In the 2012’s Six Nations competition England was able to secure the second place for itself. Following this, the RFU gave Lancaster his permanent job of coaching the English rugby team. This decision was followed by England’s 38-21 win against New Zealand, the win is considered to be an impressive one.