McCaw rubbishes claims of Super Rugby being afterthought for All Blacks

All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw has blasted suggestions that domestic rugby is an afterthought for many New Zealand players and that they are just going through the motions just for the sake of it.

Richie McGaw

The Kiwi has admitted that he has not been able to get back to performing at his best, having played 503 minutes in nine games for the Crusaders, who currently sit at fourth in the New Zealand conference. However, he added that it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the Super Rugby anymore.

He sat down for an interview recently where he said that he knows he has not been playing up to the high standards he has set for himself and that is the same for a number of players in the squad, but mentioned that it is difficult to have an impact going backwards and for the last few weeks, he hasn’t had the impact he hoped he would have.

And denying claims that Super Rugby is not important for the All Blacks players anymore, McCaw said that if anyone went ahead and asked the players or just saw them in training, they would know how much the players are hurting and how much effort they are putting in to rectify the situation. He mentioned that these payers are proud men, proud of what they have achieved in the game and they don’t just want to go through the motions.

According to Richie McCaw, all of them want to go out there and give it their best week in and week out but in a sport as rugby, it becomes difficult to do. Playing 12 months at the peak of one’s game is difficult and once in a while, everyone has to realise that and McCaw hopes the player will perform soon as well.