Jury Still Out on Argentina Rugby Team

There has been a lot of talk regarding the future of the Argentina Rugby Team when they take part in the Rugby Championship, stated to take place in August. Many people already have doubts if The Pumas will have their best players available to them and whether they will become the whipping boys of the competition.

Moreover, there are also doubts whether they will be able to sell rugby as a sport to a nation that is known to be crazy about football and swears by their football superstars.

But human nature is such that we think about the negatives before even considering the potentially positive aspects that might arise from the participation of the Argentina Rugby Team in the competition. For one, The Pumas will be bringing a lot of different aspects to playing the game, something the bigger European or Australasian nations are not aware of. Moreover, there is no reason to consider that the team will suffer because their world ranking is relatively low at 8th.

The Argentina team is likelier to beat The All Blacks of New Zealand before the Scottish or Irish team ever manages it and that is not because of the fact that they will have more chances than them. The Argentina team can play decent rugby – it doesn’t mean that they play the prettiest rugby on the planet but the New Zealand team will know that Test rugby is more about style than substance after they suffered an 8-7 defeat at the hands of this Argentina Rugby Team.

The Pumas are one team that can scrum. The Argentine team is one of the hardest working teams in the world and there is not a single team that can make a game plan and stick to it like they can and so, the jury is still out on them.