Ireland Knock Out Argentina

In Dublin at the Aviva Stadium, the crowd witnessed the crushing of the Argentina Rugby team by the team of Ireland. At the end of the match, the score was a jaw dropping 46-24 that revealed that the Pumas had really weakened to a great extent.

The probable reason that can be given for them being hurled out of the game is that Ireland gave their full strength on account of the pressure their team and coach were under because they were continually losing out matches. They were in their worst performance since their peak position in the sport in 1998. After the match, Ireland has secured a place for them in the 2015 World Cup.

The Argentina Rugby team, better known as the Pumas was tossed around by the debutante player Craig Gilroy. The 21-year-old man mesmerized the crowd with an excellent finish after Ireland was suffering from an injury situation on the first half of the game. He mostly applied stick footwork and sometimes used the bulldozing technique to whizz past the Pumas and tackled them with style so much that the team of Argentine was left bewildered in all ways.

It is not the first time though that the Argentina Rugby team has lost to Ireland rugby team. They were beaten by the team at this same old venue in the year 2010 and the final score read a 29-9 that made a place in the history of Rugby. The impressive game played by the Irish obviously instilled frustration inside the Pumas and their Maximilano Bustos lost his cool and the crowd saw the ball coming crashing on to Clan Healy’s face of the opposition team. Later in the match Martin Fernandez Lobbe of the Pumas tried to pull up his team but ultimately the Pumas lost the match.