Argentina Rugby Team A Great Addition In Rugby Championship- But Lacks Glamour

The Argentina Rugby squad have been quite a great addition in Rugby Championship. The great Pumas have been doing incredibly well with win in one match, draw in another & are moving closer to plenty of fantastic performances in near future.

However, according to experts, albeit the Argentine team is gathering kudos for honest graft & endeavor, yet they are not a sexy squad. It’s unfortunate they fare miserably when it comes to the glamour quotient. In case, Samoa were there, they possibly won’t be as competitive yet that would have been largely easier for getting the Kiwis interested.

It’s the especially the language issue which is creating barrier between the New Zealanders and Argentina and it seems that the Argentine team’s language does not interest the Kiwis.

Looking at the rugby perspective, the lion’s share of the Argentine squad is based in the European continent. They are working fine. However, according to latest reports, in 2016, players aspiring to play at Pumas would have to have their base in Argentina.

The UAR (Argentina Rugby Union) are about to run & fund Super Rugby squad that would effectively be Pumas in camouflage in between February & August & then Pumas not-in-camouflage for the remaining time.

That is a big risk. A great share of Pumas who are settled in Europe are really well paid. There’re reports that UAR came up with a surplus value of US$17 mn in 2014 that would be really lucrative to attract talent. However, there is this concern that no matter whatever camouflage the Pumas take to the coming year, they have high chances to get outclassed from both tournaments.

The scene is not anyhow encouraging in Nippon, or Singapore, where Nippon squad have forwarded their desire to play matches.