Argentina Rugby team was thrashed by the All Blacks miserably into submission on Sunday.

Their captain, Felipe Contepomi commented saying that Argentina can leave the country with their heads held high even though they lost miserably to the in form All Blacks.

The captain bore all the signs of a hard fought battle in the press conference after the match and told the reporters that even though they defended against the New Zealand with all their might, they just kept coming at them with renewed vigour.

He said that though his team matched the all blacks in the first sixty minutes of the game, the all blacks just kept attacking relentlessly and this was the difference between the two teams.

He refused to say what exactly could have turned the game for them. He said that a penalty here and there always helps but the fact that they could hold up for sixty minutes against such a good team is a sign that Argentina Rugby is growing and will continue to grow in the future.

He said that even though they lost by more than twenty points, he was proud of the performance of his teammates and said that he can look into their eyes and not be ashamed of anything in the match. He agreed with Argentina Rugby coach and said that he was indeed proud of the team he plays with.

Preparing for the match has been a tough affair for the Argentina Rugby team and they had their share of highs and lows but they still managed a very good tournament and worked well as a unit.

He admitted to the fact that New Zealand is a very tough opponent top play and is extremely strong in the contact area. He said that the All Blacks do not try any fancy stuff on the field and stick to a simple game plan but the difference lies in the way they enact the plan. The All Blacks do very simple things very well.

And therein lays all the difference. Argentina Rugby got a good experience from the tournament and is looking to move from strengths to strength.