Argentina Gears Up For Twickenham

For Argentina rugby fans, there is an upcoming repeat match of Argentina facing Australia again at Twickenham.

The coincidence of the same venue and nearly the same period of the year for the game are hard to miss by the fans. The championship games will start from August and Argentina will be hosting Australia on October 8th at Twickenham. It would certainly be a novel move on the part of the authorities who have decided on this venue which is outside the usual venues for this game; mainly it is countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina are hosting the game. This time, the venue indicates a move up the equator and not at any venue which is to the south of the equator.

The London venue also has significances for the game. It was the same venue where both teams played the semi finals for the Rugby World Cup. Here the Wallabies had gained victory over Argentina, scoring about 29-15. There would be two other opponents of the Rugby Championship, which includes world champions South Africa and New Zealand. They were the same teams that made it to the semi finals last year. It is definitely becoming a trend for these countries to rise on top when it comes to international rugby. England is also getting there, but has to get a consistent performance in all the competitions.

For both teams there is much to look forward to. There is a growing base of fans for the Argentina and the Australian team in London. That might be one of the reasons the SANZAAR organizers chose this venue to the place where both teams will meet again, nearly a year from the last time they played against each other. Fans would be looking forward to an intense match between the two countries.