The Argentina rugby team has announced its location for the home matches that will be played at Mendoza, La Plata and Rosario. The first match that the Argentina rugby team will be playing is against South Africa.

The rugby Championship is going to be quite a hectic schedule for the Argentineans as they will be facing tough competition right from the start with New Zealand, the current rugby champions in the next home game against Argentina in the Rugby Championship.

The Four nations meet is going to be quite popular and requires a lot of practice and skill to be shown by each of the teams. The international rugby board has already made it clear that all the European clubs need to release the Argentina rugby players for the Rugby Championship.

However, this news has created quite a stir among the English clubs who feel that losing these players that have been hired will bring about a great loss to the performance of these clubs and will eventually result in their lowering of standards in the league matches to be played during the Rugby Championship.

Most English clubs have this plan of contracting more and more Argentina players as compared to the players chosen from England themselves, but with such demands coming from the International Rugby Board, they are finding it difficult to incorporate the Argentina Rugby team squad in to any of their clubs for fear that they might have to leave in between for playing other Championships.