A loss that taught valuable lessons

Argentina Rugby team faced a harrowing defeat against New Zealander All Blacks on the 19th of February.

Felipe Contepomi said that in spite of losing to New Zealand miserably, the Argentina rugby team can leave the country without any shame because they have given their best.

At a press conference, Contepomi showed sign of exhaustion. He looked like a general who had failed to win a difficult battle even after giving all his best. He said that Argentina gave all their best but New Zealand was just better than them on the field.

The Argentina Rugby team went all out in the first half of the match but then the New Zealand rugby team attacked with all their might and the Argentina Rugby team couldn’t match their vigour. He didn’t say where the team was lacking or where they went wrong. All he said was that penalties always help a team out and the Argentina Rugby team could hold their own against a great team like New Zealand was a mark of improvement for the Argentina Rugby team.

Even though the Argentina Rugby team had lost by over twenty points, Contepomi was proud of his team’s performance. They had given their best and were not ashamed of the way they performed in the match against New Zealand.

The preparation for the match against New Zealand was a tough one, even though they had given their best, they couldn’t match up to the opponent. However Argentina Rugby team had a great tournament and team had played like a unit. He agreed that New Zealand is a difficult opponent to play with and the team had a strong contact area. The New Zealand team did not have any strategy, both the teams did the same thing, but the only difference was that the New Zealand team did it better than the Argentina Rugby team.